Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles

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trauma therapy in los angeles

Big T traumas and little t traumas

When you think about trauma, you probably think of the things that feel obvious–like sexual assault, childhood abuse, a death–and might not stop to think about others, like your parent’s substance abuse or divorce…or even just not having your feelings validated. You may have a clear grasp on what those things are for you, or you may just wonder why you feel stuck. I can help you identify and work through the trauma you may have experienced, and help you get unstuck.

Fight, Flight, Freeze (and Fawn)

stuck in a spin cycle

Whether it was one big event that shook you to your core, or lots of little things along the way that all piled up, trauma can change the foundation of how you operate. You may not know why you react the way you do, and feel like you aren’t in control emotionally. You might feel like shutting down, lashing out, or running in the opposite direction. If you feel like you’re coming up against the same things on repeat (think: things like memories, behaviors, beliefs about yourself or the world) you may be experiencing the effects of that trauma. Therapy can help you make more conscious choices and forge a new path.

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