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what brings you in today?

my approach looks a little bit like...

My work is, first and foremost, trauma-focused; I’m always looking at your experiences and thinking about how they might have affected your ability to move through the world smoothly. My favorite ways to support you are through attachment and psychodynamic/relational lenses. This basically means your experiences and relationships 

(particularly early ones) play a part in your life as well as in our work. I’m also a fan of mindfulness and self-compassion frameworks because of the gentleness of these approaches (not to mention because they’ve helped me so much, too.

Be (almost) everything you want to be, for you first.

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I might tell you what you don’t want to hear (gently, I promise!). I might ask you to unpack some stuff with me. But at the end of the day, your secrets* are safe with me–those really ugly ones you don’t want to share? Yeah, those, I won’t judge them. Your experience is yours and you are in charge. I’m just here to guide you through your own experience in the best way that I can to help you along the way with the tools that I have.

*confidentiality agreement/laws still apply. I still won’t judge you, but…

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my background

about how I got here...

I'm a spin enthusiast, dog mom, and keen listener. I'm also a recovering perfectionist, and am particularly passionate about helping young professionals recover from the crippling and often paralyzing effects of anxiety and perfectionism. All of my training is in community mental health clinics, and I am trained in a number of evidence-based modalities, including DBT; CBT; and EMDR, among others.


perfectionism and shame

body image/
diet culture

substance abuse

gender and sexuality

Be (almost) everything you want to be, for you first.

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