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what brings you in today

You probably wear a lot of hats in your life:

partner, friend, parent, employee. High-achieving young professional--motivated and successful. To others, you may seem gregarious and outgoing. You put a lot of pressure on yourself to do things the “right” way, although you’re not quite sure what that means. You care deeply, sometimes to a fault. Maybe you live with crippling perfectionism, and have no idea what self-compassion is. Your sense of identity has been altered in some way--by the effects of trauma, anxiety, or some experience that just keeps gnawing at you. You want to find your way back to yourself, but you don’t know where to start.

That’s where I help.

I use my sense of humor, kindness, and warmth to help you grow. I’m your supporter and advocate. I ask you to dig deep, to question long-standing assumptions about yourself, your experience, and society. I walk alongside you, asking you to clear out old ideas and experiences so you can make room for new ones.

We slay the monsters together. We work together to explore life balance, using the therapeutic relationship to empower you, help you define your future, and live your most authentic life. Our time together helps you gain insight into your patterns, beliefs, and blind spots. You encounter a renewed sense of hope, and a vital confidence that helps propel you forward.

our work together

Hey, I'm Kate

Curiosity, humor, and gentle kindness. It's important for me to believe in you, so that you can begin to believe in yourself and your abilities. It's some version of “I’ll care about you until you can care about yourself.” When you do this, it allows you to transfer the work we do in therapy to places and relationships outside the office.

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I love to work with...

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... so I am trained in:

-  DBT
-  Seeking Safety
-  Motivational Interviewing
-  LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency


perfectionism and shame

new moms/ 

substance abuse

gender and sexuality

body image/
diet culture

Be (almost) everything you want to be, for you first.

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