Substance Abuse & Addiction Therapy in Los Angeles

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substance abuse therapy in los angeles

Exploring your relationship with alcohol

You know you want to make a change, you just haven’t quite worked out exactly how yet. You may want to gain confidence in social situations without the ‘liquid courage’, or feel like you are reaching for one too many glasses of wine after work. You might simply be wondering “...oh shit, am I drinking too much?” If you're curious about what it might feel like to explore sobriety, I can help.

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If someone you love has expressed they're worried about you. If waking up not sure what happened last night has gotten to be too much, or if you find yourself unable to get through the work day without daydreaming about a drink. If you can't get through a night out (or even a night in) without harder substances. It may be time to get some help with your relationship with substances. You may have heard of or tried meetings, 12-step, harm reduction, abstinence... or you may be starting at the beginning, just starting to wonder if your relationship with substances is healthy.

I am happy to support you from any appropriate approach, whether that is complete abstinence and attending 12-step meetings or if harm reduction is a better fit. Key word: appropriate. If you need to figure out which approach is safest for you, I can help you find it. 

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