Gender & Sexuality Therapy in Los Angeles

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GENDER AND SEXUALITY therapy in los angeles

Acceptance and exploration

You might have questions that you can’t seem to answer. You may be curious about exploring your gender or sexuality, but nervous about what that might look like. There are complexities and difficulties that come with knowing these things about yourself, after all! You might be worried about what your friends and family or society (...or even yourself) will think of you. You might feel worried that your life will change after coming out. Or maybe you just want some support while you figure it all out. I see you. I can help.

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ongoing growth

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Maybe being queer isn't why you're seeking therapy. Maybe it's a part of your identity that you've known for years. But your daily challenges are inextricable from your identity, and I get that. Maybe you need a therapist that understands why it's frustrating that your dad asks your siblings when they're going to marry their partners, but doesn't ask you the same question. Maybe you need someone to vent to when someone uses the wrong freaking pronouns again. Maybe you need someone to help you through the frustration of not understanding why things changed after you came out. You deserve to have the baseline security of knowing that your therapist will always validate your experience, with empathy and understanding, no matter what we're talking about.

LGBTQIA+ AFFIRMING therapy in los angeles

Shedding shame

If you grew up in an oppressive religious group, or even one with certain beliefs surrounding gender and sexuality, it's possible that your thoughts on your own experience are tangled up in narratives from your religion. I can help you work to untangle these thoughts, and find a way to reconcile or redefine your faith in a way that works for you.

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