Perinatal Mental Health in Los Angeles

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perinatal mental health therapy in los angeles

Your google search history is full of questions that start with “what to do if your baby…” 

You’re making lots of big decisions, not feeling sure of any of them, and probably a little (okay maybe a lot) sleep deprived... all while trying to navigate who you are now that you’re a mom. It’s overwhelming! It’s not just about keeping a little human alive, it’s also about figuring out who you have become while becoming a parent. As much joy as you think you’re supposed to be experiencing, there can be loss, too. After all, a new, mothering version of you was born the same day as your baby. I can help you carry the mental load of motherhood, and support you through this transition.

preparing for postpartum

embracing the journey

You’re making it through your prenatal appointments, and going through the motions. You might be starting to wonder about what comes next–and wanting to prepare for those first few months with your little one. You may be counting down these nine months anxiously, fearful or doubting yourself, not knowing how you'll do with a baby. You might be overwhelmed by the opinions and the questions and the decisions you're already having to make, wanting to do everything right for your child. You don't have to do it alone, if you need a safe space to work through it all, I can help.

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Infertility therapy in los angeles

You have a nursery pinterest board for when the time comes

and you can't help but still flinch every time you scroll past yet another announcement on the ‘gram. You might be wondering when your luck will change, as you struggle through what feels like your 58493th fertility appointment or injection…this week. You may be waiting for your rainbow baby or just scrolling through the ttc side of tiktok a little more heavily than you’d like. Whatever your journey looks like, I can help. 

Be (almost) everything you want to be, for you first.

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