Perfectionism therapy in Los Angeles

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perfectionism therapy in los angeles

It’s okay to get it wrong sometimes 

If you’ve found yourself here and would call yourself a perfectionist, you’ve definitely read about self compassion along the way. Or at least probably. Anyways, I’ve learned a lot over the years about how to get past perfectionism and showing yourself care and compassion is a really big part of where it starts. It’s not just ‘be kind to yourself’ rainbows and butterflies–I will work with you to (okay, fine) be kinder to yourself, but in a way that actually helps make it feel a little easier. Eventually, it’ll stop feeling like the world will end if you don’t get everything right–because it won’t.

overwhelming perfectionism and shame

when you can’t figure out how to take just one next step

There are times when you feel like you stop yourself from moving forward because you can’t see the road ahead in its entirety. Or worse, you can see the road but can’t see your own path along it,  and certainly can’t comprehend taking just one step. I will help you work through that very friction, taking first steps that lead to seconds…and thirds…until you eventually find yourself well on your way.

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perfectionism therapy in los angeles

Real life 13 going on 30

You grew up too fast. You might be an eldest daughter, may have had to parent your siblings or even parents, or you may just be an old soul. You’re more “mature than your years”, because you’ve had to be (have you seen that 'thanks, it's the trauma' meme?). Which, of course, means there was never any room for making mistakes. You know in your head that it’s okay to not be perfect but you can’t help but hold yourself to a higher standard, and you’re frustrated when that stops you from even trying. Together, we’ll work through that.

Be (almost) everything you want to be, for you first.

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