Okay, so maybe joy doesn’t just happen, but what can we do to try to cultivate it? What would happen if we tried taking that extra moment to enjoy that first sip of hot coffee just a little longer? Or switch the first-thing morning social scroll for reading? Can we create small moments of joy […]

Cultivating Joy, Rather Than Finding It

Something we’ve been talking about a lot in sessions is worrying about things before they happen. I feel like this is especially relevant during this season, so I wanted to share a couple thoughts. If I’m going to be really honest, this is something I totally struggle with, and it makes it hard to stay […]

Pre-Worrying: Please Excuse My Great Aunt Sue

Now that the holiday (and actual trick-or-treating) is over, I want to take a moment to talk tricks for treating yourself. I know, I know—one last pun on the subject before we defrost the Mariah Carey, okay? Halloween can be absolutely fabulous, and it can also be confusing and painful. The whole experience can be […]

Happy Halloween!

We love a good calm jar in this office! Helps regulate the nervous system by tapping into one of the 5 senses (sight) and gives you something pretty to look at. And I don’t work with young kids, who are the demographic we typically think of when we make calm jars–the adults I work with […]

How To Make A Calm Glitter Jar

You might be wondering how to set your goals in a manageable way. You want the goals to be a stretch, just outside your reach, but not so far that they feel unattainable. If they’re too lofty, there’s a strong chance you’ll get down on yourself for no being able to reach them… Remember the […]

Setting (and Managing!) Healthy Goals